Our Team

Picture of Wayne A. White
Board Certified Master Arborist

Wayne A. White

Wayne founded Emerald Tree Care, LLC in 2005. He is one of less than 500 Board Certified Master Arborists in the country. He is an industry leader in early, effective treatment for the Emerald Ash Borer. With a vast knowledge of insect and disease issues, Wayne strives to raise the bar when it comes to teaching homeowners about tree and plant healthcare.

Picture of Brianna White
Office Manager, Graphic Designer

Brianna White

Brianna, Wayne's oldest daughter, joined the team in 2012.

Picture of Daniel Miraval
Certified Arborist

Daniel Miraval

Daniel and his wife joined the team in 2013.

Picture of Melinda White
Field Technician, Photographer

Melinda White

Melinda, Wayne's youngest daughter, joined the team in ... 2012?

Picture of Angela Miraval
Field Technician

Angela Miraval

Angela and her husband joined the team in 2013.

Picture of Mike Daugherty
Field Technician, Warehouse Manager

Mike Daugherty

Mike joined the team in 2015 as warehouse manager and transitioned into the field.

Picture of Josh Roltsch
Field Technician

Josh Roltsch

Josh joined the team in 2012.